1,001 reasons to smile

  1. love
  2. the interplay of long dark shadows and beams of late afternoon sunlight
  3. the rusty auburn, black and white stripes of chipmunks dancing in the sunlit grass
  4. well-written reflections reaching the earth-rootedness of our souls
  5. laughter and silly nonsense shared over a fast paced game
  6. chubby sparrows sitting in bushes drooping with berries
  7. hearing a world of warmth and memories in the voice of a long and dear friend
  8. the clean crisp lines of house trim freshly covered in a new coat of paint
  9. compassionate and skilled attention gently given to vulnerable patients
  10. the recollection of vows in the midst of trying times
  11. a scrapbook of family memories
  12. the fresh scent of a well kept home
  13. special anniversaries
  14. an array of fruits, vegetables, dips, salads, cheese and crackers artfully displayed
  15. the rust and black fuzz of a wooly bear caterpillar
  16. children’s fleece pyjamas with playful patterns
  17. the warm glow of hardwood flooring
  18. the smile of a small child peeking from behind a parent’s leg
  19. the humus smells of a walk in the woods on a fall day
  20. corn on the cob dripping with butter and salt
  21. the elegant curves of a swooping staircase framed with polished wooden rails
  22. nodding blinks of a drowsy and contented cat
  23. cozy duvets on chilly winter nights
  24. fireflies poking holes in the charcoal dusk of warm summer evenings
  25. the flickering light of campfires keeping step with conversation’s ebb and flow
  26. fluttering leaves carried on gusty fall breezes
  27. sleek chestnut horses framed against green pastures and wide blue skies
  28. waking to the smell of fresh coffee
  29. an artist’s palette covered with a broad spectrum of overlapping hues
  30. the oil of blessing when people dwell together in unity
  31. stained glass windows alive in the streaming sunlight
  32. elderly couples walking hand in hand
  33. the soft warmth of thick terry cloth towels just removed from the dryer
  34. the stillness of an empty sanctuary
  35. large hosta leaves deeply grooved with intricate designs
  36. a cricket chorus on a summer night
  37. vibrant streaks of oranges and yellows outlining purple billows in a sunset sky
  38. apple crisp warm from the oven
  39. lily pads floating on gently rippled water
  40. leisurely strolls along a boardwalk
  41. sandy duned shorelines
  42. the scent of lavender fields hanging in sultry August air
  43. a goldfinch with its brilliant yellow garb
  44. the smooth gliding of a red canoe on still misty morning lakes
  45. a kalaidescope of ever changing sunset glory
  46. a favourite ice-cream in a waffle cone
  47. lush supple grass under bare feet
  48. seagulls using windy currents to lift them high into the sky
  49. the throbbing whir of a hummingbird suspended in a garden of abundant blooms
  50. the mesmerizing sound of cascading water
  51. a word of hope
  52. rainforest mist
  53. songbirds waking in the morning
  54. candlelight over a delicious meal shared with true friends
  55. performing symphonic works: listening, anticipating, passing and receiving themes and phrases caught seamlessly as one
  56. the comforting cacophony of an orchestra warming up
  57. the feast of patterns and colours wrapped on bolts of fabric in quilting shops
  58. gooey warm cinnamon buns
  59. unpretentious smiles that ripple across faces aged with stories and life lessons
  60. a newly born child comforted at its mother’s breast
  61. a tender kiss
  62. the intriguing beauty of wood grains
  63. footpaths through a rusty pine needle carpet with saplings reaching for the light
  64. the smell of freshly mowed hay in the dampness of falling evening
  65. crisp, clean sheets hung to dry in sumer breezes
  66. acts of simple kindness
  67. recapturing the wonder of life as seen through a little child’s eyes
  68. the smooth softness of finely brushed shade
  69. the curves of railway tracks laying along the folds where hills and valleys meet
  70. pretty bows in little girls’ hair
  71. porch lights shining in the deepening dusk
  72. late afternoon sun filtered through delicate shades of green
  73. stars scattered across the indigo canvass of a night sky unpolluted by city light
  74. the zig zagging of an old cedar post fence
  75. walking through a patch of thyme
  76. cool water splashed on the face in the heat of the day
  77. a grove of locust trees laden with white blossom as May turns into June
  78. the peace of communal prayer
  79. cobblestone streets
  80. dragonflies lighting on slender twigs
  81. the old familiar haunts of childhood
  82. foreign accents
  83. new adventures
  84. quiet strength to stand in the face of great challenges
  85. the comforting tick tock of a grandfather clock counting each precious moment
  86. silky bamboo yarn being knit together beneath the caress of guiding fingertips
  87. berries and cream
  88. the honking of Canada geese flying overhead
  89. sitting by a large willow as light filters through its gently swaying arms
  90. a pot of richly infused herbal tea
  91. the brook-like sound of easy laughter and conversation as people gather
  92. the sheer majesty of Rocky Mountain passes
  93. the graceful bounding of a doe across an open meadow
  94. the first light frost quickly melting in an autumn morning sun
  95. the deep aqua of new growth on a blue spruce
  96. a children’s choir
  97. patterns of cream  swirling in coffee before stirred
  98. maple leaves waking to a new wardrobe of reds, golds and oranges
  99. welcome solitude
  100. joy
  101. fieldstone houses with fuchsia hollyhocks smiling against the light-reflecting grey
  102. knotty pine flooring
  103. starfish soaking in sunny tidal pools
  104. weathered barn boards
  105. the call of loons echoing through the silence of isolated lakes
  106. the aroma of a thanksgiving dinner extending hospitality through an open door
  107. town clocks chiming the hour
  108. the small trusting hand of a child led by a loving parent
  109. fish leaping from the water making concentric circles to mark their graceful moves
  110. picnics in a shady park on lazy afternoons
  111. resurrection’s promise
  112. the warmth of the sun’s rays soaking through a layer of clothing on a brisk day
  113. fresh cookies warm with gooey goodness
  114. respectful interplay in challenging dialogues
  115. sharp vibrant doors on old restored homesteads
  116. a story well told
  117. crocuses poking through granular spring snow
  118. gentle wisdom lived humbly and serenely
  119. home-grown cut flowers in a crystal vase set strategically on a guest room table
  120. Chopin nocturnes and Schumann’s songs without words
  121. the rolling hills of the Eastern Townships covered in autumn glory
  122. apple cider heating in a crockpot infused with cinnamon sticks
  123. maple butter
  124. raised red flags on country mailboxes
  125. sidewalk shops in quaint towns or artsy city streets
  126. trellises covered in morning glories with blue faces smiling hospitable greetings
  127. the barren beauty of ochre sand, sage brush and multiple cacti of a desert expanse
  128. a favourite hot drink savoured over a good book
  129. down-filled pillows
  130. a field of grain swaying in the breeze as if extending a gracious greeting
  131. the finely buffed finish of an ebony grand piano
  132. the imaginative freedom of childhood play
  133. the hug of a friend
  134. a moving discourse
  135. a long-married couple espousing the virtues of the other
  136. a powerful combine moving through a field of corn, row on row, celebrating harvest
  137. the movement of many pedestrians carrying umbrellas in downtown Montreal
  138. deep dish apple pie
  139. moss covered bark
  140. the smell of pine pitch
  141. the steady faithfulness of an attentive grandparent
  142. the first snowfall
  143. baskets of petunias hanging along the front streets of small towns
  144. a bowl of cherries and warm chocolate fondue
  145. the deep relaxing massage of a hot whirlpool tub
  146. older teens appropriately including younger children in the fun
  147. a cat chasing light beams
  148. rays of sunbeams streaming through branches shrouded in early morning mist
  149. a perfectly formed spider’s web impossibly suspended and sparkling in dew drops
  150. a distinct half moon accompanied by a dazzling alignment of bright planets
  151. translucent pink rose petals
  152. the flashing signal of a lighthouse becoming clear against a deepening sunset
  153. families shaping sand into summer memories with castles of their dreams
  154. a foghorn sounding in the shrouded distance
  155. blueberry tea
  156. an expansive brush-stroked sky falling across a new canvas about to touch the horizon of a landscape still trapped within the artist’s imagination
  157. oil lamps lit in power outages
  158. the bobbing light of flashlights across a backyard campsite of summer adventure
  159. a dangling earring pleasantly framing a woman’s face
  160. weather beaten pines remaining proud though bent and worn along rocky outcrops
  161. old cemetery stones cleared of creeping lichen by hands whose memories hold dear each thought of these names engraved on their hearts
  162. the fanfare of a brass section bursting towards an intensifying finale
  163. explosions of fireworks over still inky water, droplets of light fading in the sky
  164. a mature tree outside a bedroom window
  165. freshly squeezed orange juice
  166. a child’s expression of delight while being pushed on a swing
  167. pottery
  168. celtic knots endlessly woven together as one
  169. swallows swooping in graceful arcs
  170. waffles with fresh fruit
  171. a glorious choir anthem
  172. a roaring woodstove fire on a windy night in January
  173. a hot bubbly foot soak with aromatic salts
  174. reflection of clouds in slivery glass windows of nearby buildings
  175. clumps of brown-eyed-susans by weathered fenceposts smiling cheery greetings
  176. the ‘joie de vivre’ of culinary presentation in downtown Montreal
  177. the regal elegance of a trumpet swan gliding along the water’s surface
  178. downy woodpeckers with bright red toques beating praise
  179. the peaceful leisure of a sketch pad and pencil in hand
  180. colours flowing, swirling on airborne bubbles blown to and fro before disappearing
  181. a cardinal’s whistle from high in the treetops
  182. lightly toasted english muffins with strawberry freezer jam generously spread
  183. intimate table graces
  184. the intricate shaping and elegance of a bridal gown
  185. the flash of a blue jay’s sapphire coat gliding across our path of vision
  186. the deep connection between the instruments and musicians of a string quartet
  187. small community volunteerism
  188. warmth radiating from old hot water grills in buildings from another era
  189. warm gingerbread and pear sauce
  190. shining rust finishes of violins, violas, cellos and bass dancing in the stage lights
  191. a piece of fiction which notes the subtleties of human existence
  192. thanksgiving displays
  193. the rosy burnt sienna of an autumn ash
  194. rapids, rushing, white racing droplets of spray from rivers crashing over rocky beds
  195. an intricate dance choreography producing resonance in its observer
  196. a litter of newborn kittens snuggled into a ball with their mother nursing contentedly
  197. the scent of an apple tree having dropped its produce at a pasture’s edge
  198. buttercups smiling
  199. meandering paths through city parks
  200. peace
  201. the velvety softness of a horse’s muzzle
  202. family heirlooms
  203. road side stands of home baked goods
  204. majestic hymns sung with conviction
  205. the unique icy artwork of jackfrost on a window pane
  206. the lapping, lapping of endless waves against a craggy shore
  207. a salt air breeze
  208. the power of a freight train passing nearby
  209. a dog racing to greet its family
  210. winding country roads with surprising vistas
  211. arising to the smell of bacon, breakfast waiting to be served
  212. the unique charm of community theatre
  213. the steamy sweet aroma of sap boiling in a sugar camp
  214. a surprise party bringing together family and friends rarely gathered as one
  215. a mother duck and her ducklings paddling in a line
  216. a welcome sign in Gaelic ‘cued mile failte’
  217. a Scottish brogue or Irish lilt
  218. umbrella groves of flaming red sumacs on a late September day
  219. morning sunlight turning powdered fields into a landscape of sparkling jewels
  220. deep leather couches facing one another in front of a fireplace
  221. a drooping branch of bleeding hearts weighed down with fragile pink blossoms
  222. the smooth silky softness of a cashmere sweater
  223. a father playfully reaching to tussle his child’s hair
  224. the excited greetings of loved ones at train stations and airports
  225. a buttery cheese croissant
  226. the subtle patterns ingrained in each individual piece of stained glass
  227. a small tender plant having persistently pushed its way through a concrete path
  228. a prayer shawl lovingly knit to embrace another
  229. homemade soup simmering in a crockpot
  230. translucent wings of ivory moths fluttering at a porch light
  231. jade green of water resting over algae rocks below the surface
  232. the striking yellow and black stripes of a hornet
  233. clean white triangular sails catching the wind, gliding headlong into the dance
  234. the slow waddling gait of a grey brown porcupine accessorized with ivory quills
  235. corn popping into fluffy bites
  236. snow angels
  237. the sound of rain falling on a metal roof
  238. the light earthy scent of a summer shower
  239. the rosy orb of a crab apple tree laden with blossoms and delicate spring greens
  240. a serene Christmas Eve candlelight service, flames of hope flickering in the darkness
  241. the bright morning star whispering the start of a new day
  242. the milky way poured across a clear midnight sky
  243. the unpredictable choreography of northern lights, wisps of colour leaping, dangling, focussed and faint
  244. white linen tablecloths
  245. grapes ripening on the vine
  246. sand rushing around bare feet with the undertow of the tide
  247. the captivating allure of a wake created by vessels sailing through dark teal waters
  248. the deeply tanned and wrinkled face of an aging farmer
  249. baking powder biscuits with jam
  250. black capped chickadees on fluffy snow capped branches
  251. looking out across city lights and busy streets from a high vantage point
  252. cool smoothness of a marble floor
  253. reflections in polished brass knobs
  254. standing over warm air vents in loose fitting pyjamas
  255. the rustling crackle of walking through fall leaves and children jumping in the piles
  256. silky puffs of milkweed seeds floating on a gentle breeze to unknown destinations
  257. soft lotioned tissues
  258. spiritual rebirth
  259. the radiant porcelain skin of a young child
  260. the compassionate ritual of food arriving at the door when someone is grieving
  261. muted shades of blues, greens and purples blended in a soft sweater
  262. radiant floor heating penetrating stocking feet
  263. the moaning squeak and crunch of snow in sub-zero temperatures
  264. sipping eggnog around a Christmas tree in an otherwise dimly lit room
  265. a bird’s nest in the crotch of branches exposed by the thinning of leaves
  266. the single remaining bloom or leaf of a shrub when all others have fallen
  267. the perfect arc of a pastel rainbow against dark clouds
  268. red barns and white fences tucked into rolling hills
  269. vanilla yoghurt with assorted fresh fruit
  270. the penetrating waves of wood stove heat
  271. the whistle of a kettle
  272. lily of the valley blossoms
  273. dark green pine, spruce, and balsam standing tall amidst a changing fall hillside
  274. sculpting
  275. the nostalgia and sounds of old records playing memories of another era
  276. black lace of winter branches drawn across early morning ribbons of sunrise
  277. being snuggled under thick comforters and blankets on frosty nights
  278. the distant headlights of a vehicle piercing the darkness at the brow of a hill
  279. laughter among friends
  280. carefully spun words of poetic prose
  281. the rich velvet petals of a red rose
  282. the misty allure of compassionate eyes
  283. the distinctive marking of animal furs
  284. bare toes in sheepskin rugs
  285. the smell of old wooden pews in a church sanctuary
  286. birds splashing in a birdbath
  287. seeing the distinct resemblance of childhood friends in the faces of their children
  288. a grandmother’s oatmeal cookies
  289. heavy frost on rooftops and spindly perennial stalks long abandoned
  290. a reassuring wave from a father to a young child mounting school bus steps as he waits at the end of the driveway until the bus pulls away
  291. the serenity of a spacious library
  292. the interestingly nuanced and nonsensical sounds of a foreign language
  293. delicate china teacups passed down from a former generation
  294. sugar on snow with the smell of hot syrup in the air
  295. the feel of turning the pages of a well bound book with quality paper
  296. the ‘Last Post played by a lone trumpet in the chill of a Remembrance Day service
  297. the trusting and innocent conversations of a child or vulnerable adult
  298. photo shoots for special occasions
  299. the perfect blends of flavourful ingredients in a scrumptious dish
  300. patience
  301. the feel of supple fabrics
  302. early morning fog diffused with shafts of light breaking through
  303. coming in from winter evening play to sit by a crackling fire with a hot drink
  304. the stillness of hearing sugar snow falling in a wooded area
  305. strolling along a shoreline looking for shells and pretty stones
  306. the warm glow of a table lamp dispelling the darkness
  307. colourful scarves and mittens marking the paths of children sledding
  308. the elegant lines of a white-tailed doe leaping a meadow fence
  309. views of the earth from deep space
  310. the grace and power of skilled figure skating routines
  311. the hug of a decadently plush housecoat countering the howling wind outside
  312. masterfully rendered musical phrases when the music and musician become one
  313. birch trees
  314. the inviting smell of yeasty bread dough rising in the oven
  315. green boughs along a mantle
  316. the pungent smell of smoke wafting through frosty air on a winter evening’s walk
  317. the familiar handwriting of a loved one on a letter received by post
  318. a log home nestled in a stand of trees
  319. old scottish hospitality where plates of oatcakes, scones, cheese and sweets quickly appear from pantry shelves to accompany tea and warm conversation
  320. rocky Nova Scotia shorelines on a stormy day
  321. rolling waves of autumn’s carpet across New Brunswick hills
  322. red clay cliffs along along the North Atlantic shorelines of PEI
  323. a mother’s calming sounds of encouragement to her infant reaching out to connect
  324. inviting nativity scenes, a silent witness of hope
  325. droplets of rain resting on petals and leaves after a passing shower
  326. a fresh garden salad harvested and tossed within the time it takes to prepare
  327. reading in bed
  328. caressing sand and letting it slip through fingers like a timepiece with no demands
  329. the intense colours of spring flowers shouting resurrection
  330. singing intimate worship songs with guitar in a small setting
  331. the soothing purr and ‘knitting’ of a contented cat
  332. the sweet smell of clover floating above a summer field
  333. fresh strawberry shortcake
  334. intricately carved wainscotting in big older homes
  335. an elegant dining area overlooking a secluded lake
  336. outdoor rinks
  337. authentic Mexican pinatas
  338. chocolate turtles
  339. snowflakes fluttering on eyelashes in a winter storm
  340. soft lighting in a comfortable room with overstuffed chairs
  341. creativity through the lens of a camera
  342. tender love in the eyes of a newly engaged couple
  343. creaking moans of expanding ice on a lake on a January night
  344. a gingerbread latte in a quaint cafe
  345. the powerful roar and mist of the Horseshoe Falls
  346. silvery icicles dripping to slender points in a warm spring sun
  347. freshly drawn bathwater scented with salts and light foam bubbles floating high
  348. mountain vistas with early morning mist hanging in the valleys
  349. the sound of rushing winds
  350. steaming coffee in a uniquely shaped mug
  351. silence
  352. the vibrant energy of Broadway shows
  353. the sounds of a newly acquired language forming on your own tongue
  354. shiny dark brown hair with sandy red highlights
  355. a tin whistle’s melodic flourish or haunting suspensions in celtic arrangements
  356. the fist kiss as husband and wife after vows and rings have been exchanged
  357. a delicate ring of opals and diamonds on a slender finger
  358. mohair throws in muted highland shades
  359. silver paths of moonlight across snow covered fields stretching between branches
  360. the wide open spaces of an art gallery with time to pause and reflect
  361. the glow of good news
  362. freshly squeezed lemonade in the heat of a summer’s day
  363. warm chelsea buns and coffee shared with friends on a February night
  364. that first day as winter transitions into spring when jackets are unnecessary
  365. carefully selected greeting cards
  366. iced ginger ale after a fever
  367. a university campus with majestic stone buildings, winding paths and stately trees
  368. lemon clean floors glowing in the sunshine
  369. a recitation of Psalm 23 on the parched lips of a gravely ill believer
  370. being draped with heated blankets following surgery
  371. feathery light leaves and buds just burst forth and full of promise
  372. the lovely aroma of freshly cut wood
  373. maple syrup pie
  374. putting in the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle
  375. the painstaking care of a robin constructing her nest
  376. strips of morning light through the slits of adirondack chairs
  377. the sweetness of lilac hanging in the air
  378. clouds of pale blue forget-me-nots or white trillium along wooded paths
  379. songbirds saying goodnight
  380. a peligree moon rising on the horizon
  381. the gusting winds and rains of a violent thunder storm passing overhead
  382. the calm pose of a red squirrel munching on sunflower seeds at a bird feeder
  383. bridal wreath spirea bushes draped in white blossoms
  384. the rushing sound of rapids racing over hurdles of craggy rocks
  385. white bubbles of crashing waves now skirting along the top of sea green blue
  386. ink spot patterns of sage green lichen rimmed with peach and gold eyelet
  387. children choosing ice-cream at a country shop with a large selection of flavours
  388. tiger lily faces lazily sprawled along country roadsides
  389. the overwhelming glory of a bride’s entrance into a church sanctuary
  390. the whistle of a train at a far off crossing hanging in the mist of a summer’s eve
  391. a tall glass of iced water on a sizzling July day
  392. the twinkle of fireflies flitting about a field at dusk
  393. tomatoes ripening on the vine
  394. the daily display of lilies revealing exquisite costuming detail
  395. cicada chorus on hot summer nights
  396. a word of scripture rising to our attention at just the right moment
  397. a wall of bookshelves full of stimulating reads for the mind and soul
  398. the deepening shades of green as heavy clouds cover the sunlight
  399. early morning walks along an ocean beach with the rushing of waves and damp salt air arousing deep wakefulness
  400. kindness
  401. arms uplifted in a cool rain after weeks of drought
  402. sitting in extended silent prayer with others
  403. a pair of horses in a meadow sprinkled with daisies and blue asters
  404. the refreshing tartiness of raspberry juice
  405. the attentive tilt of a dog’s head trying to understand your words
  406. beautifully decorated cakes
  407. the intriguingly different patterns of bark from tree to tree
  408. the brassy yet mellow tenor voice of the french horn
  409. watching a child experience something lovely for the first time
  410. the mystique of deep glacial lakes amidst green blue mountains
  411. catching scents which transport us to the memory of someone dear
  412. wind chime songs bobbing gently in a welcome breeze
  413. little feet splashing happily in water park fountains
  414. pleasing interior designs
  415. recalling good times together
  416. BBQ chicken and ribs
  417. park benches tucked along a path by gardens and gurgling brooks
  418. exquisite vignettes in word rich novels
  419. a carpet of Queen Anne’s Lace rolled out across an open field
  420. the cheer of a crowd when the home team scores
  421. the silhouette of a city skyline becoming sharper against a deepening dusk
  422. chilled white grape juice
  423. dangling feet in a lake from the dock
  424. a chai milkshake
  425. the crunch on driveway gravel announcing a friend’s arrival
  426. the damp dewy smell of summer nights
  427. displays of wood carvings with their striking patterns
  428. the quick deft movements of a border collie herding sheep
  429. bright orange roofs of french chalets in the foothills of southern Quebec
  430. the pride of national anthems played at Olympic medal ceremonies
  431. a lone piper playing a sad lament, and a band of pipers and drums drawing near
  432. the fuzzy softness of a ‘lamb’s ear’ leaves
  433. rhubarb pudding cake
  434. the exhilarating aromatic assault of citrus body wash or shampoo
  435. little boys building with lego
  436. artistic piano impressions
  437. soft musk
  438. the powerful presence of meekness in the midst of conflict
  439. a herd of cattle grazing quietly in a lush green pasture
  440. tender grilled lamb chops
  441. white bed linens
  442. the smooth cool enamel of a porcelain bathtub
  443. silky soft dryness of lightly scented bath powder after a rejuvenating soak
  444. the graceful arcing of electrical lines strung from pole to pole
  445. the intriguingly unique patterns and colours of the human iris
  446. campfire smoke and lightly toasted marshmallows turned a golden brown
  447. the sound of ice spraying under sharp skate blades angled for a quick stop
  448. the luxury of a hot shower after a cool swim
  449. authentic seafood chowder
  450. the attentiveness on a child’s face vividly imagining the scenes of a bedtime story
  451. the birth of a baby
  452. the cooing of mourning doves
  453. the suspension of time when confronted with a marvel of nature
  454. a full moon
  455. the gentle swish of a beaver breaking the stillness of a mirror lake
  456. the smooth softness of a close shave
  457. flaky pastry
  458. a baby’s scent after being bathed and shampooed
  459. a monochromatically themed flower arrangement whose appeal arises through the diversity of shapes, sizes and subtle hues
  460. unique artisan studios
  461. a gnarly old apple tree covered in a shawl of blossoms
  462. hairpin views in steep mountain passes
  463. a maple pecan danish with hazelnut coffee
  464. shiny cool smoothness of flooring around an indoor pool
  465. carrot cake with cream cheese icing
  466. the serenity of sitting in a magnificent cathedral alone
  467. the turquoise aqua blue of robin eggs
  468. the wind and spray of a motor boat speeding down a lake
  469. chamber music performed in the intimacy of a small hall
  470. a peach mango fruit smoothie on a hot summer day
  471. juicy roasts seasoned with herbs
  472. tropical air heavy with exotic vegetation and sea spray
  473. cowbells swaying in the distance
  474. the feel of shaping clay in dampened hands
  475. the sweet peace of forgiveness
  476. the scuttling sound of little animals in wooded underbrush
  477. the lovely wood smells of a lumber yard
  478. maritime ferries crossing choppy waters
  479. pearly white and royal blue mussel shells strewn among red sandstone pebbles
  480. homemade lasagna and garlic bread
  481. watching marshland wildlife from winding boardwalks through their watery habitat
  482. the calming sound of a tall fountain’s spray splashing to the pool below
  483. street art
  484. hearing the yipping howls of coyotes in the distance
  485. discerning a distant shoreline through a foggy mist
  486. the smell of vanilla extract
  487. anticipating something long awaited for
  488. childhood memories of climbing trees, quietly perched in the heights
  489. the unabashed delight of gladiolas
  490. running fingers through the fur of a pet just bathed and dried
  491. sitting in a patch of sunlight on an early spring day when sheltered from the wind
  492. a beautifully decorated room for a special occasion
  493. quiet background dinner music
  494. succulent roasts of meat cooked slowly over an open fire
  495. the smooth glossy finish of a highly buffed and varnished table top
  496. grapefruit, sectioned and sweetened at a morning meal
  497. a sea of rain drops glittering on a field once the sun returns after a shower
  498. swallowtails lighting on violet phlox
  499. fuchsia blooms of firewood clinging tenaciously to sheer rock faces
  500. goodness
  501. mountain peaks piled on top of one another moving into the distance as waves
  502. the roar of ocean waves cresting and falling, cresting and falling, then tiptoeing to shore with the incoming tide
  503. the smell of dampened sand and seaweed left in the air from receding salt water
  504. twisting roads following ancient paths through mountainous terrain
  505. wild blueberry ice-cream on a park bench in Maine
  506. peach and ochre light spilling from an August sunset onto shimmering lakes
  507. monarch butterflies playfully pressing into an ocean breeze
  508. observing a parent’s pleasure in the pleasure of their child
  509. the smell of leather in a store of coats and handbags
  510. the clip clopping of a horse drawn carriage
  511. serendipity
  512. a summer salad of baby spinach with strawberries and blueberries, almonds, feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette
  513. a warm salt water pool
  514. the curled position of peaceful sleep when cats or dogs are shaped into a ball
  515. pantry shelves filled with homemade preserves
  516. the approach of fall announced in swooping flocks, moving together as one
  517. the surprising illumination of a full moon on a winter’s night
  518. swiss mocha
  519. the soft contouring limpness of a blanket knit with fine yarn
  520. the smell of old wooden pews and mouldings in churches with long histories
  521. lacy curtains through which the moon and stars peek
  522. the reassuring warmth of a nightlight
  523. the smooth glow of well moisturized skin
  524. the familiar laugh of an old and dear friend
  525. the smell of mint on your hands after working in the garden
  526. sweet potato french fries
  527. the silhouette of a great grey heron in flight against a striking sunset
  528. scent of cedar lined chests
  529. the velvety touch of a petunia petal
  530. early morning quiet with an open bible and a contemplative heart
  531. herbal peppermint tea in mid evening
  532. the flutter of chickadee wings
  533. retrieving the mail at the end of country lane as the school bus drives away
  534. mighty rock faces plunging down to rocky riverbeds and stately pine sentinels
  535. fields of ripened corn and grains
  536. a lamppost generating a spherical orb on a foggy night
  537. the elegant and powerful movement of gymnastic routines
  538. the light maple and butterscotch flavour of a ‘blondie’ dessert
  539. a salt and pepper sky on a clear night
  540. deep red veins bleeding into asymmetrical points and arcs in changing leaves
  541. the peaceful presence of someone whose mind isn’t scurrying about
  542. lacy pinafores of ruffled fungi on fallen logs
  543. the explosion of dish soap bubbles under a steamy stream of water
  544. the beautiful songs of the wood thrush and bobolink
  545. butternut squash soup
  546. the tentative gaze of a wild animal
  547. sharing of hearts
  548. an eastern bluebird with its rusty orange breast
  549. a shop full of uniquely crafted items
  550. moist and crumbly date squares
  551. the symbolic depth of a well designed worship space
  552. the smell of lightly scented candles permeating a room
  553. the touch of well weighted keys on a piano
  554. a simple communion meal
  555. a schoolyard alive with children playing in brightly coloured jackets and sweaters
  556. watching the power of a storm from a safe vantage point
  557. moist scones drizzled with lemon glaze
  558. the downy puff of a puppy’s fur
  559. the quiet suggestiveness of animal tracks across the back patio
  560. the sounds of hot water heating systems coming to life in old church sanctuaries
  561. the faint hint of a moon reluctant to leave in a mid morning sky
  562. the simplicity of white light shining on a christmas display
  563. hearty brunches
  564. the sunset colours of royal gala apples
  565. the zest of tangerines
  566. sleigh bells
  567. the red glow of communication tower lights in the night
  568. velveteen pillows
  569. smoke rising high in pastel peaches and pinks in the early light of sunrise
  570. walking through a wooded area bowed low in ballet poses after a heavy snowfall
  571. beckoning warmth of lights in the distant windows of home
  572. icy nights in concert with lightly falling crystals on the wide expanse of a lake rink
  573. the flexible softness of bamboo socks hugging the contours of a foot
  574. the smell of freshly turned black earth awaiting planting
  575. a savoury snack in an isolated setting
  576. the hauntingly beautiful sound of Gaelic psalm singing
  577. sleeping trees caught in the headlights of cars passing in the darkness
  578. the constancy of constellations in the night sky
  579. the comforting peace of a cow chewing its cud
  580. the natural welcome of a curving inlaid path of field stones
  581. a street of heritage homes
  582. kittens at play
  583. ‘small world’ moments when discoveries of interconnectedness are made
  584. spring air blowing through the house when windows are first opened
  585. various shades and shapes of buildings in a cityscape, old and new side by side
  586. twisting paths meandering through botanical gardens
  587. the songs of a robin or wood thrush delighting in the awakening of a new day
  588. a gentle hand of reassurance on the shoulder of a concerned senior bent with age
  589. an invigorating shower
  590. broiled lamb chops with rosemary and thyme
  591. the creak of wooden rocking chairs on the veranda of a country home
  592. a buggy ride in amish country
  593. a variety of smooth creamy fudge
  594. elegant laces and lines of vintage gowns
  595. pianissimo winds and strings creating rippling brooks and bird songs
  596. bubbling water and aromatic scents in the warm humid air of a pristine spa
  597. rolling amish farmland stitched together with the intricacy of quilt like patterns
  598. the still shimmering of an empty pool in sunlight
  599. the loveliness of women in summer dresses and sun hats strolling along sidewalks
  600. gentleness
  601. the peace and security of a young child asleep on his or her parent’s shoulder
  602. diamonds, sapphires, emeralds
  603. loud cracks of thunder overhead, then rumbling off into the distance
  604. the timely preaching of a powerful message
  605. the wonder of conception and new life forming in a mother’s womb
  606. a scarlet tanager flitting among tree branches
  607. fresh vegetables from the garden
  608. the lovely reprieve a thunderstorm brings after an oppressive heat wave
  609. the smell of pages in a new book
  610. an emerald lawn bejewelled with dewdrops on each blade
  611. the broken shadows of branches overhanging the movement of water below
  612. the penetrating ease with which music and art can bypass left brain defences
  613. countless leaves spread across garden grounds all gilded with the morning frost
  614. asiago bagels with cream cheese
  615. pads of fingertips interrupting the flow of breath through a wind instrument
  616. the luxuriant softness of plush blankets and sleepers for infants
  617. snow caps on posts and rails after a heavy snowfall
  618. the kindness of a stranger
  619. coconut greek yoghurt
  620. the clicking sound of someone typing quickly on a keyboard
  621. comfort food heating the oven
  622. children and pets playing outside in a fresh snowfall
  623. the use of calla lilies and candlelight to create a special moment
  624. hearing a baby’s heartbeat on the doppler for the first time
  625. the movement of a baby secure within the womb
  626. twice baked potatoes sprinkled with cheese, sour cream and bacon bits
  627. the clean brilliance of stage lighting
  628. outdoor freshness brought inside on winter clothing
  629. town bells chiming out Christmas carols with light snow in the air
  630. hand-knit sweaters in delicate baby yarns
  631. discovering the joy of a new art medium
  632. rearranging a room
  633. freshly sauced cranberries on vanilla ice-cream
  634. shiny paint on new farm equipment
  635. sprigs of holly circling the base of pure white tapered candles
  636. homemade ornaments
  637. creamy white of a light organic body lotion
  638. feathered frost on arctic tundra
  639. the highlight moments of a riveting solo
  640. a pin point laser drawing a cat into playful chase
  641. colourful patterns on small children’s clothing
  642. floodlights pushing back the darkness of a late night soccer game
  643. hot tea served from a polished silver teapot in style
  644. sparkling clean mirrors
  645. an interplay of city lights gliding across dark wet or ice-covered streets
  646. crowds circled around an impromptu musical group
  647. the white crown of old age softly shaped around a gently wrinkled face
  648. a rugged treehouse crafted with care
  649. exquisite specialty chocolates
  650. whipped shortbread
  651. the blessings of consolations in difficult times
  652. the light aroma of Christ’s grace dispelling a heavy odour of disunity
  653. easy companionship
  654. a loved ones stroking of the forehead when unwell
  655. whispered awe
  656. displays of semi-precious beads hanging the length of a craft store aisles
  657. dry, weather grey trees devoid of all life yet lingering, leaning, languishing in marshy land, a memorial to what once was
  658. a baby’s first cry
  659. the genuine nature of community in a soup kitchen
  660. an attractive presentation of a home-cooked meal
  661. the interesting texture of hand hooked rugs
  662. the sights and smells of handmade bars of soap wrapped and laid on a rustic shelf
  663. an embossed stamp on an official document
  664. a well used library book
  665. an international package with artful postage depicting its culture of origin
  666. tender noodles in alfredo sauce
  667. nighttime stillness
  668. thrift store treasures
  669. jars of delicate pink apple jelly
  670. boxes of old family photos
  671. orange creamsicles
  672. the spherical coolness of a large marble
  673. filigree rings
  674. universal health care
  675. mindfulness of blessings
  676. the cheerful warbling from a nest of wrens fixed in the crevice of a window ledge
  677. the unchanging contours of the land as viewed from a favourite chair
  678. thick banana bread
  679. tasty seasonings
  680. the hug of a small child
  681. the late fall harvesting of golden corn
  682. the sweetness in the air when hay is being baled
  683. hawks hovering high above a field with watchful eye
  684. hymns which touch holy ground in our hearts
  685. preparing a favourite dish
  686. a meaningful piece of jewellery
  687. a welcome change of pace to the day
  688. seeing city streets fill with relaxed camaraderie as office buildings empty for lunch
  689. the atmosphere and smells of a greenhouse
  690. the majesty of cathedral domes
  691. warm greetings of friendship in homes where life-giving mutuality is experienced
  692. watching a baby sleep
  693. the cocooned silence of being under water
  694. an anticipatory pause as in waiting for music to resume after a lengthy fermata
  695. the golden brown of cookies when ready to come out of the oven
  696. the enduring promises represented in wedding bands still worn after many years
  697. group laughter or tears while enjoying a movie or theatrical production together
  698. a self-effacing sense of humour which still maintains self respect
  699. the fragrance of a dear one’s cologne left on the cheek
  700. faithfulness
  701. cuddle time
  702. a book of special memories
  703. horse drawn hayrides through autumn trails
  704. a foot washing ceremony offered in intimate humility
  705. a skilled person gently affirming and teaching a younger student
  706. a bright string of beads given by a child
  707. a spiritual retreat
  708. nourishing chicken soup made for someone who is ill
  709. tea light candles
  710. the prancing pride of a dog retrieving a stick or ball
  711. an empathetic hand covering yours
  712. reading bedtime stories
  713. walking with a dog settled into a steady pace, nose forward, ears back
  714. crisp steamed green beans covered in butter
  715. lime juice squeezed over leafy salads
  716. african violets
  717. wearing shades of clothing which will draw attention to the eyes
  718. moccasins
  719. the orb of a stretching womb
  720. friendship in unexpected places
  721. sounds of crisp vegetables being chopped on a wooden board
  722. pickled beets
  723. aroma of hamburger browning in the pan
  724. a wailing foghorn in thick ocean fog
  725. bold abstract art in large foyers
  726. the feverish intensity of Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in e minor
  727. the cool smoothness of native soapstone carvings
  728. “Do this in remembrance of me” carved along the front of communion tables
  729. time rescued from a busy day to be still and know that ‘He is God’
  730. a scripture passage which allows the Holy Spirit to touch us in a deep place
  731. chalkboard menus in unique urban cafes
  732. a favourite childhood storybook
  733. scented epsom salts
  734. a bank of grey storm clouds being pushed across the sky by strong unseen winds
  735. thimble cookies
  736. cotton balls
  737. a new release by a favourite artist
  738. jingling bells at a Salvation Army kettle
  739. old fashioned candy sticks
  740. photography which captures the depth of natural emotion
  741. the presence of a friend who knows how to ‘just be’ with us
  742. a line of flowers and herbs hung to dry
  743. drawers with delicate clothes neatly folded among scented sachets
  744. slowly turning each bite of a deliciously smooth dessert around in the mouth to prolong the sensations of sweet decadence
  745.   a set of red tail lights acting as a guiding light through a snowy squall
  746. jelly beans
  747. kittens chasing a string
  748. a hearty unrestrained laugh
  749. a play on words
  750. steam rising from oven dishes when the covers have just been removed after a blessing has been said
  751. a chipmunk darting down its concealed hole
  752. bows, ribbons and pretty paper on a gift wrapped especially with you in mind
  753. the sound of pages being turned by someone settled in for a good read
  754. a snowplough barreling by in the middle of a storm
  755. the waxy smell of smoke curling into the air after birthday candles are blown out
  756. the shimmering touch of metallic pens
  757. black and white animals
  758. resolutions to reach out, reconcile, and return to peace
  759. smooth chap sticks
  760. thick accents
  761. having a blessing spoken or sung over our life
  762. being heard … really heard
  763. rounded outcroppings of exposed sections along the Canadian Shield
  764. floating in balmy water
  765. street signs barely poking above high banks of snow along city streets
  766. the distorted ovals and circles constantly shifting on gently moving water
  767. the elegance of a formal event
  768. the ring of an old fashioned telephone
  769. the homey smells of an old farmhouse
  770. thick felt liners in winter boots
  771. turkey barley soup
  772. creating opportunities for someone to shine
  773. a shared glance of knowing
  774. squirrels leaping from tree to tree
  775. the chubby body proportions of a baby
  776. the blast of hot air blowing in the entrances to public buildings in frigid weather
  777. the take off and landings of air flight
  778. seeing a loved one after a long absence
  779. a name passed through generations
  780. the scent of laundry soap lingering on clothing
  781. tangy rhubarb orange pie
  782. small birds sitting above a feeder asking for a refill
  783. the thud of a baseball landing in a leather glove
  784. a stuffed animal ‘loved to life’
  785. the wonder of being able to see internal detail with medical technology
  786. throwing an extra potato in the pot to make room for one more
  787. suspension bridges over deep gorges
  788. the sense of accomplishment upon completion of a major project
  789. taking concrete steps in faith and trust
  790. drizzled eggnog sauce on plum pudding
  791. cushioned sandals
  792. to touch a seeping wound and weep together
  793. the heart of a willing servant
  794. familiar sounds of floorboards creaking, doors turning on their hinges, kettles being turned on, and water running as family members stir from sleep to begin a new day
  795. lectio divina
  796. inspirational quotes
  797. low cottage ceilings
  798. gravel roads in out of the way places
  799. customized cupboards highlighting an optimal use of space
  800. self-control
  801. steamy smell of clothes being ironed
  802. the intriguing beauty of textures, colours and styles huddled together in a closet
  803. a comfy old sweater
  804. the heightened senses of hearing, touch and smell when in a very dark place
  805. the camouflage of animals at dusk creating an almost ethereal presence
  806. stately Victorian homes
  807. chocolates with gooey caramel in the middle
  808. soulfulness of the Hebridean Islands
  809. the insular calm of a lovely hotel room in an unfamiliar city
  810. recognizing your personality portrayed through a literary character
  811. the wonder of words
  812. fresh perch fillets in lemon sauce
  813. the click of knitting needles
  814. thick buttermilk pancakes with hot apple cider sauce
  815. morning meditations
  816. the soft tap of a dog asking for attention
  817. the cozy warmth of a lap quilt
  818. stoking a hot fire to chase back the chill
  819. being carried by an inner calm
  820. a heating pad in a cool bed
  821. falling asleep with lightness of heart
  822. great humour
  823. words of affirmation
  824. quiet stillness by a morning fire before the rest of the household stirs
  825. the textured weave of woollen Mexican blankets
  826. the gentle call ‘to love and to let Love love you’
  827. delicious new recipes
  828. pleasing patterns on upholstery
  829. pretty containers
  830. sea salt and pepper kettle chips
  831. warmed up left-overs
  832. following a new path
  833. rosy cheeks
  834. display cabinets with beautifully shaped vessels
  835. visionaries setting pace
  836. a sweet cloth teddy bear
  837. sesame seeds crisps
  838. releasing what no longer serves our needs
  839. teal in all its shades
  840. Sabbath rest
  841. the peace of pausing to count our blessings
  842. soothing aloe vera on skin irritations
  843. long eyelashes
  844. faith to do the impossible
  845. sweet nostalgia upon seeing childhood toys
  846. the affectionate bonds of a dog showing his tummy for a rub
  847. nutritious granola overflowing with oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit
  848. festive dinnerware
  849. owls on fenceposts or camouflaged against the bark of a tree
  850. emotional attunement with an infant or child
  851. wisdom
  852. changing art displays on cafe walls
  853. problems solved in surprising ways
  854. catching a lovely melody in your mind’s ear
  855. a young woman swooping her hair up into a ponytail with playful ease
  856. an offer of help
  857. informative documentaries
  858. perfect timing
  859. terms of endearment
  860. moving forward
  861. beeswax candles
  862. the rustling of a congregation turning pages of the bibles together
  863. the crinkling snap of baseboard heaters coming on
  864. the signed copy of a cherished book
  865. the sociological glue of winter in the Canadian experience
  866. young plants sprouting up under grow-lamps in mid winter
  867. running water
  868. giving and receiving heart felt thanks
  869. finding a novel that’s hard to put down
  870. the greeting of pets when you’ve been away
  871. sheepskin insoles
  872. ham and pineapple
  873. a gentle massage
  874. the luxury of nodding off in a comfortable chair
  875. narrow streets in older sections of town suggestive of a different way of life
  876. supper waiting on the stove after a long day
  877. finding a soulmate
  878. birds lined in a row along a wire
  879. the refreshment of a pedicure
  880. mincemeat pie with hard sauce
  881. flying through thick cloud clover to emerge again into light
  882. a field of wildflowers
  883. descriptive language which paints the imagination with clear images
  884. discovering new places of beauty
  885. the feel of a smooth writing pen gliding across the page
  886. the violet globe of chives
  887. the orange warmth of lights from a farmstead across frozen fields on winter nights
  888. almond biscotti
  889. liturgies which lift our hearts to Christ
  890. the vibrant feeling of being alive after brisk exercise
  891. a large bookstore
  892. the naturally clean feel of glycerine soap
  893. a pile of folded clean laundry
  894. jet streams saturated in sunset colours
  895. lemon meringue pie
  896. the intensity of sharpie markers
  897. skylights
  898. oceanfront cottages
  899. the soft approach of a cat on padded paws
  900. generousity
  901. late evening walks on abandoned city streets where hustling crowds hurried by just hours before
  902. a dog’s whimpering barks during REM sleep
  903. sherpa throws
  904.   the sweet expressions of a cat washing its face
  905. deep cleansing breaths
  906. children on tiptoes, peeking out windows
  907. streamlets of rains forging new paths
  908. juicy steak
  909. music playing in the background, perfecting the mood of the room
  910. the fascinating worlds of neuroscience and cosmology and biology and …
  911. the brassy majesty of ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ ringing from an outdoor balcony
  912. the inner witness of the Holy Spirit
  913. a buffet of interesting appetizers
  914. taking in the details of a loved one’s face when unaware of your gaze
  915. swiss cheese
  916. hot open faced sandwiches
  917. city skylines
  918. snow falling, softly so softly, as if to curtsy slowly flake towards flake
  919. orchids
  920. browsing the tables of an antique flea market
  921. a bump in a neatly made bed where a cat has crawled between the blankets
  922. essential oils
  923. old wooden checker, chess and crokinold boards
  924. very slow videography and time lapse photography revealing amazing things we would otherwise be unable to see
  925. forgiveness
  926. snowmobile rides through dark evening trails in the woods
  927. the incredible complexity of the human cell
  928. children’s art
  929. the uncomplicated hospitality of small town eateries
  930. blacksmith hooks for mud room walls
  931. the falling curve of an ocean wave
  932. the feel of working in the soil with bare hands
  933. appreciation
  934. naturally curly hair
  935. the rush of multiple forms of transpiration converging as a train passes over a busy highway with cars, vans, delivery and semi trucks at the same moment a plane flies overhead and shadows the bikers on nearby paths
  936. large, bold brushstrokes; small, subtle shadings and detail
  937. doing lengths in a pool with slow relaxed side strokes
  938. forest life coming alive once it becomes oblivious to our silent presence
  939. potato leek soup and mediterranean bread
  940. sparkling colours in the crystals of breath expelled in deep-freeze weather
  941. the smell of onions being sautéed
  942. cookie jars
  943. a crock of maple baked beans
  944. scientific journals revealing curious new wonders
  945. gleaming chrome
  946. ballads which give expression to universal emotions and experiences
  947. difficult questions asked in a respectful way
  948. cherry cheescake on a graham cracker base
  949. lady’s slippers growing along a secluded path
  950. aqua green blue of Caribbean beaches
  951. long hallways with gleaming waxed floors punctuated with exclamations of sunlight at classroom doors
  952. the contentment of a dog with its bone
  953. solid scholarship
  954. a french patisserie
  955. a bright smile
  956. panpipes and flutes
  957. living fully present in the moment
  958. the thinning layers of icy puddles melting from beneath
  959. alpaca wool
  960. a field of bright red poppies
  961. the echo of an empty building
  962. the disappearance of time when focussed on creating something
  963. the rise of a dog’s nose in the night air when detecting other animals nearby
  964. insightful commentary
  965. seeing a familiar room from the new perspective of a child
  966. the speckled markings of a lady bug
  967. the sighing lilt of celtic melodies
  968. the feel of glossy pages in a magazine
  969. breakfast smells encircling community chatter in local gathering places
  970. contemplative prayer
  971. a gentle and measured response which is offered to diffuse anger
  972. balconies piled high on soaring apartment buildings
  973. the elegant curves of exits and overpasses swooping traffic in new directions
  974. random sequences of lights in the windows of office towers at night
  975. restful sleep
  976. a tender song accompanied by the picking of a guitar
  977. grains of sand falling through an hourglass
  978. fiddle music
  979. french braids in little girls’ hair
  980. tympani rolls in symphonic works
  981. groups standing at bus stops on very cold mornings, multiple stacks of breath rising to catch the honey hues of sunrise as they wake to a new work day
  982. sipping on a ‘London Fog’
  983. thick wooden doors
  984. sweet lullabies
  985. old black and white photos of generations long gone
  986. harmonic progressions which catch us by surprise
  987. the clinking of glasses at a heart-warming toast
  988. the frothy smooth kiss of whipped cream on a pumpkin spiced latte
  989. a sitting area with stools and high tables beside large windows
  990. the chemistry between team members of an olympic sport
  991. french onion soup
  992. a dish of trail mix in a conversation area
  993. moist three layer chocolate cakes with mousse filling
  994. a swirling trail of light snow left dancing in the air as a vehicle passes by
  995. the rumble of an organ’s low bass pedals
  996. olive and brown skin tones
  997. the first silver highlights in the next generation
  998. watching a hang glider drift above a mountain lake
  999. the spiced vinegar smells of pickles simmering on the stove
  1000. hickory wood chips smouldering on a BBQ
  1001. deepening love