come sit awhile

Come sit awhile with him who waits to bear his morning light to those who present themselves as friends with servant hearts; to those who will be sent to walk the day ahead with Christ-filled grace who know the power of spending time apart with him before the day is filled with all we need to do; to those who early seek his face and race unrushed to be alone with him.


Come …. sit awhile.

Not so much to see the steps we need to take, or hear the answers to the questions weighing heavy in our thoughts, but to be … just to be with him.  To those who’ve seen the end of strength, who’ve gone to great lengths to complete the second mile and are now weary from the persevering trek, he waits to bare his gentle heart and beckons us to rest.  Although we may be legitimately stretched, we are also invited to wear his light yoke instead of the one we place upon ourselves or accept from others and prayerfully mourn the human loss of garden walks and intimate talks with him in unhurried peace.

Come …. sit awhile.


“With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O LORD!  I will keep your statutes.  I call to you; save me, that I may observe your testimonies.  I rise before dawn and cry for help; I hope in your words.  My eyes are awake before the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promise.  Hear my voice according to your steadfast love; O LORD, according to your justice give me life.” (Psalm 119: 145-149)

Come sit awhile, refreshed and made ready to invite someone else to pull up a chair and find a deeper truer rest in Christ to walk by faith that he is in control and we are in his care.

‘Lord, we want to return to you as the whole reason we sit with your word in preparation for leading worship, as we pause with a person in pain, as we slow to observe the needs of the world around us and learn to respond as you would have us respond.  We want to return to our first love, setting our passion for the beauty of who you are far above the petty quick returns of ego stokes which sometimes poke and prod us into action without waiting for your Spirit to lead. 

For the one who may feel the need to lighten the load they carry yet finds it difficult to tarry without pressing guilt; who gilds the daily road of servanthood with self inflating golden rays of human praise instead of sitting in the glow of grace which comes from you whether called to acts of heroic endurance in the public eye or steadfast reactions of prayer in quiet solitude …  give eyes to see the waiting chair with you where it had not been seen before, there in the tender place of inner communion where everything else falls away to make room for you as the focus of all we are and do.   Amen.’

imageStay awhile … and rest in him.