I do

imageSandswept dunes drifting with deep breaths sing a tune of seagulls rising and falling on summer breezes along the shores of Prince Edward Island.

Salt air hovers and peaceful well-being covers the red clay.

From such soil a man was formed, presented with a wife adorned in the image of God as was he, and humanity, among whom we live and serve, came to be.

In this week aside, where toil slips away, we have traveled as a family to the east coast of Canada to witness the exchange of vows between our son and his bride, love washing in like the tide.  Soaking grains of sand and changing shades of earthy land reach for far flung beaches of new beginnings as sea and seamless love meet in sun-kissed hopes and dreams of all that lies ahead.

Down boardwalks marking steps which lead to the edge of former things, where water and sky and sand all blend as one, new paths are forged.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken as man and wife and Christ come together in a portrait of the stunning beauty of his design for us to live in his love.



imageimageReflecting on our lives as servant leaders, submitting to one another in reverence for Christ, loving as he loves the church, respecting as she loves her groom, we do all things in the unity of faith united as one people in him.

We consider again the vows once made to give ourselves with all we are and take his hand to face whatever may come as days move into years and flowing trains of righteousness in Christ remove all fears of overcoming to the end although the way be long.

We are invited to take a long look into the eyes of Jesus, and be washed in his love again.

We remember that you are the one who carries us down aisles of covenant grace where isles on seas of either restless waves or calm reflection give shelter and sure footing as your eyes never leave us nor forsake us, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness or in health.

We sometimes see gullies which overwhelm in doing the ministries to which we feel called. You who separated the land and the sea; man-made traditions and the seemingly infinite glory of your true holiness, lead each one of us safely through deep waters to meet you on the shore of your perfect timing.  We say ‘I do’ to you, Lord, in hope and trust and faith though darkening clouds may form overhead before the brilliant blue of borrowed mercy opens wide.

May the ring of your eternal triune love between the Father, Spirit, and the Son, encircle and enfold us.  May it be worn upon our lives with the strength of your promises brought to mind each time we handle your unchanging word to us … a word of unending love in a world of shifting sand.  Amen.’



Peter and Katie ringsHis banner over me is love.’  (Song of Songs 2:4)

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