serving with thanks

We cease from unmindful busyness to breathe crisp air, taste succulent flavours, touch the variety of produce and see gifts of goodness laid out for us at the table of belonging.

‘Thank you.’


‘a Leeds County thanksgiving display’

I thoroughly enjoy taking rides with hushed thoughts along country roads where fall scenes hug rural lanes, wrap around hills and lakes, and roll across wide open fields; where fresh produce rests in roadside stands to meet our daily needs and feed our souls in the knowledge that the Father, Creator of all that is, gives with such lavish generosity.

That which was planted in the spring has now born fruit in seas of rippling vegetables and grains.




We are invited to set aside the unseeing rush of whatever keeps us from perceiving kind provision in every moment until our hearts are drawn again to gaze upon his glory in gratitude that we are his and he is ours, embraced in love to participate in communities of shared blessing.

“O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good’ for his steadfast love endures forever!” (Ps. 118:1)

‘Lord, we are thankful for both physical and spiritual sustenance.  It is from this place of grateful mindfulness for your goodness that we choose to serve others with joy.  We have received the seeds of gospel hope laid in fertile soil tilled by your Spirit and now rejoice in the ways we see your love bloom to bear your message of grace in a fallen world.   We sing your praise with hearts raised towards the Son whose kernels of kingdom growth arise to be a blessing in fields wherever they are sown:

the ripened sweetness of communal prayer and community care;

the freshness of forgiveness hanging on vines which once hung empty of Spirit life;

the aroma of acceptance with joy for that which stretches our faith;

the scents of faithful service flowing from sacrificial hearts and agape love.  

And for each one ‘encumbered with a load of care’, fill their baskets with blessings upon blessings of your rich provision in every way.  Amen.’

A Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all!

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