a table blessing of belonging

There is a table of belonging in Christ around which we each find a place with our name. We do not walk this journey of faith on our own, yet there are times when it may feel that way, when true companions are at a distance and there is great resistance to intimacy in the corners of ministry where we are called to sit and serve.

Come, pull up a chair.  Find the Saviour waiting there in prayer for you along with others who, unknown to you, are giving thanks for all you are and do.


As servant leaders within the church, we may or may not always be aware of prayers being offered on our behalf.  We may or may not have those near to us who share in the care of our soul.  We may or may not feel as though we belong given the strong reactions to the word we bring.

And we may weep in the deepest place of who we are at the sense of isolation we feel.

Dear fellow traveller, this prayer is for you …

Father, you are so worthy of our praise.

I bless you for your good gifts to the church, in this instance, for your servant [your name]. What a delight they are to you.

As they work faithfully to edify your body through the spiritual gifts you have given them to help your church grow together into the fullness of unity in Christ, release a renewed awareness of your near presence singing over them in love.  As they invite your people to listen for the Spirit, to walk in freedom and enjoy your friendship, enable them to hear your voice at every turn with personal experiences of your precious consolation, creativity, and godly counsel flowing through them and equipping the community of faith to live out the mission of God in Christ as a response of love to your great love for us.
As they glorify you, particularly when they feel a need for more mutual blessing of one another on the way, give them glimpses of the heavenly celebration encouraging them on with you in the lead.
Surround them with the profound gift of fellowship within the communion of the Trinity to sustain and guide them in all they do.  Fill them with your peace which passes all understanding knowing that you go before and behind them to give them the sweet joy of hearing you speak to and through them as they rest in you.  Lord, bless this servant abundantly to faithfully endure to the end in your peace, in your strength, in your love, fed at the table of grace.
In Jesus name, amen.’

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