Peace of Christ to all who pass this way …

If you have arrived at this site ‘footsore and tired from the journey’s length’ in your calling as a servant leader within the church, it is my prayer that you will find reflections, prayers, resources, and a spirit of understanding and companionship which will speak of Christ’s love and power to restore your soul.  Jesus’ example of the basin and the towel becomes a focal point for balancing our need to be renewed by his Spirit and to be infused with his attitude of humble trust to lay down our lives with confidence in the experiential knowledge of God’s glory and love which will one day welcome us home into the rest of his presence forevermore.

‘Washed in His Love’ points primarily to God’s grace, forgiveness, healing of wounds, and refreshment of spirit to you as a servant leader … but it also seeks to join our rejoicing in him with fresh hope for future ministry which will pour out the living waters of his blessing through us to others, Christ-like catalysts in his transformational work in the people and situations we encounter and beyond.

Having served ten years in ordained pastoral ministry, I am intimately familiar with both the joys and jarring jolts of discouragement or outright attack you live on a regular basis.   This is a place to come home for reminders that you are not alone, that the end of his story in your life is not yet written, that ‘his yoke is easy and his burden is light’.   You sit at the Lord’s table with many others who long to walk with genuine passion and compassion as we hold out the word of life in every season, walking by faith in the unity of his Spirit to cheer one another on.

You are invited to browse, borrow, or simply bathe in his love as you read and meditate in this quiet sanctuary of servant sustenance, soaking in the wonder that Christ, the King of glory, willingly chooses to stoop and serve you with a basin and a towel so you might go and do the same.

Now retired, I live with my family in a peaceful country setting in Ontario, Canada, where I write, engage in itinerant preaching, pursue artistic endeavours, create worship music, and serve as a spiritual companion to individuals and groups seeking to draw nearer to God through spiritual retreats at the private guest home on our property.


Marilyn Savage

marilyn 4

Should you wish to contact me directly, I may be reached at


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I have missed your words about God’s love and redemption so much. Thank you for coming to us with your wonderful words of encouragements. We will be in touch. Colleen

  2. Praise God for this new ministry….I know it will be used by Him to bless and encourage so many lives and point us all to Jesus, as His name is glorified!! When we are tired and worn out we need to release all things to Him who is in control and on the throne,simply trusting Him in every and all circumstances living one day at a time in His grace. I pray His almighty love, strength and grace in your life as well Marilyn, as you continue to be shaped by Jesus in this new venture. Thankyou!

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