Psalms / Songs

Composing worship songs based on the 150 psalms has been an exercise of standing in unity with centuries of faithful people who have learned to pray honestly through the singing of these ancient songs which reflect the wide range of emotions we encounter on our journeys to authentic praise and joy in our God.

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1.  Blessed are the ones who will take no heed

to the counsel of the wicked, or entertain their ways.

For the law of God is their great delight,

and they meditate and linger on this word day and night.

Like trees planted by a stream of water,

yielding their fruit in season, foliage lush and green

are the ones whose roots are in the law of the Lord

for our God will prosper their work. 

2.  When the judgement comes, God’s own holy love

will be faithful to preserve them through Jesus Christ the Son.

Righteous ones will stand.  Evil will be banned

and the glory of his wisdom and law will fill the land.


1.  Awesome is the Lord God Almighty.   His sovereign greatness is clear.

Over all creation he sits and presides.  Rev’rently come and draw near.

His Anointed One reigns with God on high.   Set on Zion’s hill, Christ the Son will rise.

His inheritance is complete success .   There’s nothing now to fear.

2.  But the world looks on in rebellion.  “We need no God, need no God!

No authority can prevail over us.  Let us lift our hands in war!”

“You would shake your fists at my own dear Son?

I establish governments, kings, and thrones.

You will rage in vain, for the One I’ve ordained will conquer every foe.”

3.  God in heaven laughs at their scoffing.  Rulers, consider his wrath.

For the Chosen One sits enthroned on high.  He will surely judge the earth.

In his perfect love, Jesus Christ has come.  On the cross he conquered the evil one.

He now reigns as King and will come again, victorious over all.

4.  Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Christ the Lord, Christ the Lord.

Serve him with a heart of submission and joy.  Kiss now the Son and rejoice!

Put away all plans to resist his ways or futility will define your days.

Though the gates of hell should attack and rebel, he’ll reign eternally.


1.  Many are the enemies around me who attempt to break my trust in you.

They attack with negative appraisals of your kindness to see me through.

2.  But you are a shield around about me, lifting up my head to see your face.

When I cry aloud to you, my Saviour, you relieve me in my distress.

3.  Calmly then, I rest in full assurance that my very life is in your hands.

I lie down and wake again protected.  Though outnumbered, in you I’ll stand.

4.  Come now Lord and send your strong deliv’rance.  May my foes be silenced in the hour

when you rise and pour your gracious blessing on your servant with righteous showers.


1.  May your righteous justice shelter me secure

from all those who would chase me down with hateful scorn.

But Lord, if I am guilty of afflicting another soul,

if a double heart is at work in me, then give me a just reward.

2.  May your righteous justice judge me through the cross

and the death of my dear Lord, who paid the cost.

You who search both mind and motive in whose hand will the wicked fall,

receive my thanks for this gift of grace.  I’ll praise you, hallelujah!


I will praise the Lord and tell of his greatness.  I will be glad and rejoice in you.

And with all my heart, I will extol you, singing praise to your name most high. 

1.  For you sit enthroned upholding my righteous cause.

You have rebuked and destroyed the wicked, all who scoff and spurn your laws.

2.  For your justice reigns o’er all people everywhere.

You are a refuge in times of trouble.  All who know you, know your care.

3.  For your watchful eye considers oppression’s pain.

Lord, lift me up to declare your praises.  In your mercy, you sustain.

4.  For the nations fall.  They’re caught in their sinful snares.

Lord, judge the peoples who have forgot you.  Let them know that you are fair.


1.  I feel as though I am forsaken, abandoned to my sorrow and thoughts which tease;

Sensing not the closeness of your presence when weary of the battle with my enemies.

How long Lord, will you turn your face from me?

How long, Lord, must I anguish in my soul?

How long, Lord, before I will be undone?

In your grace draw close once more.

2.  Your everlasting love’s unfailing.  I put my trust in you, Lord, who gives me life.

I will wait for you to give an answer.

Your steadfast love surrounds me in my days of strife.

Sing praises!  for your face at last I see.

Sing praises!  Joy is rising in my soul.

Sing praises!  for your love has set me free.

Yes, the Lord is good to me.


1.  I have kept your ways.

Please hear me when I pray for I lay my life before you to search each thought and deed.

May you see that the honest desire of my heart is that righteousness will guide my feet.

2.  Show your wondrous love.

Protect me from my foes for with callous hearts they hunt me to tear and to destroy.

May you hide me and keep me as the apple of your eye so your lovely face I will behold.


1.  I cry to you, O Lord, my God, ‘Why have you forsaken me?’

Yet, I recall your holiness, Israel’s praise, our father’s hope,

and your faithfulness which set them free.

2.  But all who see me mock in scorn.  Outcast by my very own.

Yet, I recall that from my birth, in the womb, and at the breast,

You have been my God.  I’m not alone.

3.  The roaring crowd demands its prey.  ‘Crucify’ they cruelly say.

My heart turns faint.  My strength is gone. Piercing nails, they gloat and stare.

In the dust of death my body lay.

4.  O Lord, be quick to rise and come.

Save my life from evil ones, and I’ll declare your name with praise.

Israel, your God revere.  He will not despise his suffering Son.

5.  His vows to God have been fulfilled.  Feast on him and linger still.

For all will one day bow the knee to Jesus Christ, the King of kings!

To each generation, praise instill.


1.  The Lord is my shepherd.  He meets all my need.

He finds rich green pastures my soul to feed.

And by waters still, I pause to be revived.

Make my spirit fully alive.

2.  He guides all my pathways.  In righteousness leads.

He lifts up his great name for all to see.

And though death will come, its shadows hold no fear

for his dear presence is ever near.

3.  I sit at his table, a friend of the Lord,

in view of my enemies, his love out poured.

For he blesses me.  My cup does overflow,

and in his goodness I’ll live evermore.


1.  No matter what comes my way, I will still praise him.

The Lord is my strength each day.  I will exalt him.

Come and glorify the Lord.  Come exalt his name with me.

Glorify.  Lift him high.  Hallelujah!

2.  He answered when I prayed.  He has delivered me.

I see that the Lord is good.  He’s our security.

3.  The Lord watches o’er your days.  He is your refuge.

Do good and seek paths of peace.  He will defend you.

4.  He nurtures your broken heart.  He’ll never leave you.

He calls you to come apart to guard and to heal you.

5.  All evil will be condemned.  Live in the truth, friends.

In good times or bad, he’s there and help in distress sends.


1.  Life is but a breath.  Here today and gone again, every word should shine for you.

For life is but a breath.  Help me to guard my tongue and speak only truth.

We are a light set on a hill.  We are the salt he uses still.

His word burns brightly in our hearts.  Holy Spirit, set us apart.

2.  Life is but a breath.  As I journey hear my cry of remorse for failing you.

For life is but a breath.  Discipline in your grace my dross to consume.

3.  Life is but a breath.  What is said and done today really matters to the Lord.

For life is but a breath.  When all is said and done he gives his reward.


1.  I’m weary in a far away land. O Father, come take my hand,

and lead me to Jesus, a tower of strength; to the Rock that from heaven you sent.

I’m longing for your steady embrace.  O Father, let me see your face

and spend all my days with a heart full of praise dwelling in your tent.

2.  I’m weary, in a far away land.  O Father, come take my hand.

You know my desire to serve you, O God, for you hold me in covenant love.

I’m asking that my life may be long.  O Father, to you I belong.

I’ll spend all my days with a heart full of praise, serving you in love.


1.  You, O Lord, are my refuge;

solid ground in a world which hates me for my faith in you, righteous, sovereign God,

who has been my only hope from birth.

2.  Enemies have attacked me.

Quickly come to my aid and hear the praise I give to you, righteous, glorious God.

In old age you are my strength as at first.

3.  Shame them now for their evil.

Full of hope I will bring my praises more and more to you, righteous, saving God

as I tell our children of your worth.

4.  Praise you, Lord, I will praise you.

I’ve known trouble but you do comfort and restore for you, righteous, faithful God

are exalted over all the earth.


1.  God’s name is great in Israel!  At your command, our enemies fell.  (2X)

You are resplendent with light!  Alone to be feared when judgement comes,

for kings cannot stand when you raise your hand.  Majestic God, you win the fight.

2.  God’s name is great in Israel!  At your command, our enemies fell.  (2X)

You are resplendent with light!  The nations will see that their strength is weak.

Your wrath brings you praise and our sin restrains.  Make vows to God and live upright.

3.  God’s name is great in Israel!  At your command, our enemies fell.  (2X)

Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai.  Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai.

Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lai.  Let others come and sing as well!


1.  Questions, questions, racing through my mind.

Racing, running, crying in the darkness of the night.

Over and over I cried to you.  Churning and churning my soul refused

to rest and be thankful, rest and be thankful.

Will you reject us forever?  Will you never show your love?

Has your blessing been withheld?  Has your promise been removed?

Has your mercy vanished?  Has your anger made you cold?

But I remember my songs in the night.  I will think on days of old. 

2.  Holy, holy, holy is our God.

Mighty God of miracles you saved us by your pow’r.

Thunder and lightning and rushing wind parted the waters and led us in

to rest in our shepherd, rest in our shepherd.


From the throne room, God presides.

Passing judgement, he is righteous and true,

even when things look blue and we cry to you to defend the weak and poor.

To his own, God gave his word.

In their darkness, they’ve not heard or received.

So in their unbelief, they will know much grief.

Maranatha!  Take your throne, O Lord.  Maranatha!  Take your throne, O Lord.


1.  Speak, Lord, speak.  Oh!

Don’t let your enemies get away.

So speak, Lord, speak. Oh!

They mock and they taunt you by planning to conquer your people.

May they be dismayed!

With one mind they want to destroy so that Israel’s name will be found no more.

Against you, Lord, an alliance forms.

Do to them as you’ve done before.

2.  Speak, Lord, speak.  Oh!

Make them like tumbleweed, chaff which blows.

Come speak, Lord, speak.  Oh!

As fire consumes, or as tempests may ruin, please speak, Lord,

so men your name will know.

En’mies try to come and possess pasture lands of God, your inheritance.

O God most high, over all the earth let them know you alone are God.

Speak, Lord, speak.   Speak, Lord, speak.


1.  Day and night I cry out to the God who saves my soul.

My life is full of trouble.  I am deep down in a hole.

Your wrath has overwhelmed me.  I don’t feel as though you care.

I’m like the dear departed lying coldly with blank stare.

2.  Day and night I cry out with my hands outstretched to you.

You’ve taken all my close friends.  I am tarnished in their view.

Confined in slots and boxes which would break my heart in two,

I wonder if I’ll ever rise up singing praise to you.

3.  Day and night I cry out lifting prayers before your throne.

Do you show love and faithfulness to those who’ve fallen low?

O, why do you reject me?  From my youth I’m tossed aside.

In floods of dark depression show your wonders to this child.


1.  Your love, O God, stands firm forever and so forever I’ll sing!

Your faithfulness is set in the heavens.  A hymn of praise I’ll bring.

You promised David that his family line would never end.

A king would always sit upon his throne.

The hosts of heaven praise you and adore you with great fear

for in faithfulness you sent your only Son.

2.  Your love, O God, stands firm forever and so forever I’ll sing!

Around you all the heavenly council bows down.  Your greatness sings.

Your strong right arm has scattered all your enemies abroad.

You rule o’er all creation by your might.

Righteousness and justice are the bedrock of your throne.

Blessed are those who walk beside you in the light.

3.  Your people know the festal shout of great joy in your mighty works.

For you’re their strength, their shield and their glory.  You are their sure defense.

You set aside king David to know blessing from your hand.

You armed him with a wisdom from above.

You would chastise his children if they chose to break your law

but you would not cease your love or break your word.

4.  Like sun and moon endure forever your promise ever will stand.

Although, at times your anger would follow defilement of the land.

In times like those it seemed as though the covenant had failed.

You caused our foes to gain the upper hand.

We would cry out, ‘How long, O Lord, will you remove yourself?

Come and save us.  We are weak and helpless man.’

5.  Your love, O Lord, where has it gone now?  Your foes are taunting and mock.

Remember how your servants are suff’ring and bear such great insult.

Your love, O God, stands firm forever.  In Jesus Christ, we will sing!

Your faithfulness to us is astounding!

Lord Jesus, you’re our King!  Lord Jesus, you’re my King!


1.  God is my refuge.  In him will I trust.

He’ll save me from the fowler’s snare and deadly pestilence.

He’ll cover me with his feathers, and under his wings I’ll abide.

I will not fear the darkness or the arrows that fly by.

For he who dwells in the shadow of God Most High

will rest in the shelter of the Mighty One.

And the LORD God will satisfy and bless him with a long life.

He’ll show his salvation through Jesus the Christ. 

2.  Thousands may fall down consumed by the plague.

You’ll see this with your own eyes but it will not come your way.

He’ll send his angels to guard you so nothing can harm you at all.

God rescues those who love him and will answer when they call.


Majesty.  You reign in majesty.  Mighty God, you reign eternally.

Majesty.  You reign in majesty.  Mighty God, from all eternity.

The seas have lifted up their pounding waves.

You’re mightier than these, Ancient of Days!

You’ve set the whole world firmly in place.

Your laws won’t change.  We are kept by grace!

Majesty.  You reign in majesty.  Holy God, you reign eternally.


1.  Sing, sing to the Lord.  He has done great things!

He’s made a way of salvation and full righteousness he brings.

Shout, shout to the Lord!

He remembers his love and his faithfulness to his chosen ones.

O nations, rise and come.

2.  Play, play to the Lord, instruments and choirs.

With horns and trumpets, with strings and winds, with joy we lift you higher!

Let the world join in –  mountains, rivers and seas –

to herald him when he comes again to judge and set us free.


1.  The Lord reigns.  Let the nations tremble.  He sits enthroned between the cherubim.

He is Zion’s mighty King.  He’s Sovereign of the earth.

He is holy and awesome, so let us worship him.

2.  The King rules.  He delivers justice, judging the world with fairness to his laws.

We will worship and bow down; exalt the Lord our God.

He is holy and righteous, and we will stand in awe.

3.  The Lord hears all who call upon him; those who obey and listen for his voice.

Moses, Aaron, Samuel, all knew you as their God.

You forgive and receive us when you become our choice.

4.  O, Lord God, you alone are holy.  Out of your love, you discipline your sons.

We will worship and bow down; exalt the Lord our God at your mountain and footstool.

O, may your kingdom come!


Sing, shout, and worship the Lord God with gladness!

We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.  Come praise him!

He made us.  We are his.

So come now and give him praise!

Give thanks to God as you enter in.

God’s love is good and never dims.

His faithfulness goes on and on and on and on and on.

Each generation, lift your joyful song!


1.  A covenant with Abraham to live in the promised land,

protecting them from every harm and helping them to stand,

did take a turn to Egypt when famine drew them there,

but Joseph had been sent ahead their precious lives to spare.

People of Israel, give thanks to the Lord.

Call on him.  Make him known.  Sing, praise, adore!

Look into his glorious face and find your strength and joy,

reflecting on the things he’s done, and the promise we enjoy. 

2.  His chosen ones did multiply and Egypt, in fear, conspired

to subjugate and dominate through slavery, hate inspired.

But God still kept his promise and sent his servants in

to call down plagues upon the land and lead them out again.

3.  With mighty fire and pillared cloud God’s people could take his lead.

With bread and quail from heaven’s hand his people he did feed.

The water gushed out from the rock and flowed a desert stream.

God settled them to live in praise as those who’d been redeemed.


1.  Some or the Lord’s redeemed wandered in deserts and ran out of steam.

But when they cried out to him in their distress,

he made their way straight to a city of peace!

Give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds.

Give thanks to the Lord.  The thirsty and hungry he feeds.

2.  Some of the Lord’s redeemed turned from God’s counsel and ended in chains.

But when they cried out to him in their distress,

he shattered their bonds and they burst free again!

Give thanks, to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds.

Give thanks, to the Lord.  The captive in chains, he sets free.

3.  Some of the Lord’s redeemed suffered in body the effects of their sin.

But when they cried out to him in their distress

he sent forth his word and brought new life within!

Give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds.

Give thanks to the Lord.  Afflictions and illness he heals.

4.  Some of the Lord’s redeemed melted in fear in the storms of the sea.

But when they cried out to him in their distress he calmed the wind’s fury.

With safety, he blessed!

Give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds.

Give thanks to the Lord.  Exalt him so others will see.

5.  God, in his sovereignty, changes the desert to cities of springs;

blesses those who will look to the Lord.

Whoever is wise, will consider and sing –

Give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds.

Give thanks to the Lord.  His love for you meets every need.


1.  Come, awaken the dawn!  I cling to you, O Lord, my God.  

With the help of the strings, a melody I’ll sing, your greatness to applaud.

I will sing, ever bring thanks to you before all kings,

for your love is above all the heavens and the clouds.

Steadfast God, your beloved look to you to be the One

who will save those who pray.  I will trust you all my days.

2.  Come, praise the Lord, O my soul.  Be exalted over all!

Faithful God, loving Lord, I worship and adore.   I worship and adore.

Save us, Lord.  Help us now.  You declare that all will bow.

When you call, nations fall.  You are sovereign over all.

Will you lead; give us aid; come again to intervene?

‘Gainst our foes with us go.  Vict’ry comes from you, we know.

3.  This my song every day – ‘Praise your great and awesome name!

You will come to restore.  I’ll worship and adore.  I’ll worship and adore.

Come, praise the Lord, O my soul.  Be exalted over all! (2X)


Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Sing your praise to the Lord!  (2x)

When his law is your delight your children will be your delight.

God will bless and prosper you.  In darkness he will shine his light!

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Sing your praise to the Lord!  (2x)

Righteous ones his name will fear, obediently his ways revere.

Gentle justice.  Humble trust.  You’ll not be shaken through the years.

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Sing your praise to the Lord!  (2x)

Resting fully in the Lord you’ll live with peace as your reward.

In the end your foes will fall.  Rich gifts he gives.  His name adore!

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Sing your praise to the Lord!  (2x)


1.  Hallelujah!  Praise Jehovah evermore …

From break of day til the sun goes away may your glorious name be praised!

2.  You’re exalted!  Who compares with you, my Lord? …

Glory untold, yet you stoop to behold all the heavens and earth below.

3.  Answering prayer, you are always there to care …

Poor men will rise, and you fill her with child, she who on the Lord relies.

4.  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord forevermore …

From break of day til the sun goes away may your servants your name adore.


Not to us, O Lord, but to your name be the glory.

Faithful One, through Christ the Son you show us your love.

Put your trust in God the Lord, our shield and our helper,

and lift the name of Jesus high with praises evermore. 

1.  Idols cannot see or hear, speak, move, or smell.

All who put their hope in them will lose their life as well.

2.  God will bless believing homes.  He’s in control.

‘Where’s their God?’ the nations ask.  He’ll answer them in full.

3.  Maker of the universe, I’ll fear your name.

Every breath you give to me will be a song of praise.


1.  I lift my eyes up unto the hills.

Where does my help come from?  It comes from the Lord.

He does not slumber, nor does he sleep.

Maker of heav’n and earth my footsteps will keep.

2.  Troubles may come, but he’s by my side.

None of life’s pain or trials will turn me aside

from his protection and care for my soul.

Watching and keeping me forevermore.


1.  Captives in a foreign land, weeping for Jerusalem –

broken hearts and shattered dreams, anguished tears down by the streams.

Our tormentors made us sing joyful songs of heaven’s King.

But my God, no song would come, of my precious, cherished home.

2.  How can I sing out your praise in a land where you’re disdained?

In my heart, I’ll hide you there.  Sweet communion with you share.

Zion, where you placed your name is destroyed, each stone laid bare.

May your foes receive their due.  Dash their little ones in two!

3.  But a strange thing I do find – when you capture heart and mind –

that my own rebellion shows.  Your forgiveness I must know.

Lord, renew my love for you.  May my praise be strong and true.

In the end your foes will fall.  I’ll trust you, my all in all.


1.  Hear my voice when I call to you.  Draw near to me.

Let my lifted hands be a sacrifice and my prayers like incense be.

Set a guard at my mouth, O  Lord.  Keep me from sin.

Let the righteous one be a friend to me who strengthens through discipline.

2.  For your words are as oil poured down keeping me pure.

And my prayer will be that the wicked deeds of the world will come to ruin.

For my eyes are on you, O Lord.  In you I’ll hide.

Caught in their own snares, evil ones will stare as in safety I will pass by.


1.  I bring my troubles to the Lord when my spirit faints within me.

You know the pathway I must walk is filled with treachery.

I look around for help but there is no helping hand.

So I bring my troubles to you, Lord, my refuge in this land.

2.  I cry to you, O Lord, my God, for I am in desperate need.

My enemies are much too strong.  Please come and set me free.

Then I will praise your name for the mercy you have shown,

and believing friends will gather ’round because your love we’ve known.


1.  You are a righteous and faithful God.  O, hear my cry.

Lord, in your mercy and love I’ll hide.  Come by my side.

I don’t deserve your grace, yet you tell me to seek your face.

Parched and thirsty, I long for you – kept by your love and your awesome works. 

2.  Broken in spirit and crushed within, bruised and forlorn.

Strong enemies have me in a spin, battered and torn.

3.  Answer me quickly.  My spirit fails.  Draw near, I pray.

Answer my cry at the break of day.  Show me the way.

4.  Teach me to follow and do your will.  Help me to stand.

Cut off the foes who attack my soul.  Work out your plan.


1.  Praise, praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!  I will praise the Lord.

Every day in every way lifting him higher.

Put your hope and trust in God, Creator of all things.

And praise, praise the righteous Lord.  Come lift your voice and sing!

2.  Praise, praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!  I will praise the Lord.

Don’t depend on human strength.  Your God adore.

He sustains the fatherless.  He sets the prisoners free.

He frustrates unrighteous ways and reigns eternally.


1.  Praise him, in the heavenly heights, sun and moon and starry lights.

The universe declares your praise.  All creation heeds him and obeys.

2.  Praise him creatures bound to the sea, snow and rain and hills and trees.

All kings and princes, young and old; all men and women, girls and boys.

3.  Praise him, for his splendor is great.  Praise the Lord, all you his saints.

His majesty and might are strong.  All praises to our God belong!


1.  Praise the Lord and sing a new song.  Let’s gather together and praise him.

Let all the people of God be glad, rejoicing in their King.

Dancing and singing and praising the  Lord. 

He takes delight when we come and adore.

Crowning the humble with the gift of life.

Joyfully praise him for Jesus, the Christ.  Joyfully praise him for Jesus, the Christ. 

2.  Praise the Lord in spirit and truth by rooting your worship in his word.

For all the nations who spurn his name will fall no more to rise.


Praise the Lord in his sanctuary!  Praise him in his mighty heav’ns!

Praise the Lord for his acts of power, and for his awesomeness!

O, praise the Lord with the sound of trumpets.

With the sound of the lyre, come praise the Lord.

Lift Jesus higher, higher with your praise!

With dancing, flutes and the sound of strings.

Give praise to him on everything!

With resounding cymbal crash, with every breath, give praise!

Come give him praise!  O, praise the Lord!  Come praise the Lord!

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  1. This musical journey through the Psalms is beautiful. Thank you. I have enjoyed discovering this .I hope to be able to enjoy this on my laptop regularly.

    • Thank you, Ian, for your encouraging words … I am so glad to know you have enjoyed these psalm renditions. May you be blessed as you listen to these ancient/contemporary songs of prayer and praise.

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